Greg Palast Reports: The Vulture Chewing Argentina’s Living Corpse

Ronmamita's Blog

As readers here are aware, the global Ponzi economy and the institutional investors predators in control has eyes on Argentina, and much more. Valiantly Argentina continues to fight for sovereignty from Wall Street-NY-DC control…
A very disturbing and interesting crime story indeed!
I feel the need to share, as a reminder to us and perhaps news to some, Greg Palast’s investigation relating to current Argentina, and his reports are very revealing.

Some choice excerpts are below, read full report: ~Ron


And by the way, I didn’t give Singer the name “Vulture.”

His own banker buddies did—with admiration in their voices.


Clean water for the Congo? Forget it—Singer and his vulture colleagues grabbed it all.

In Africa, I spoke with Winston Tubman, the former deputy secretary-general of the UN. He asked me to ask the Vulture and his cronies, “Do you know you…

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