Major New Report by Lada Ray 8-15-14… “Is Putin Part of NWO?”

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putin_enigma_lada_rayThis appears to be a very thoughtful, and carefully written and referenced article by Lada Ray. I am adding the link at the end of this, and will only post the conclusion and predictions. Please go to the article itself to read the entire report. Here are the Conclusion and Predictions.

“[Lada Ray] The important thing to understand once and for all is this:

For NWO to succeed, they have to eliminate the only obstacle they have, Vladimir Putin, and Russia in general.


Do I even need to say that this is a false conspiracy theory. As someone who knows intimately Russia and Russians, I can confidently say that the people who are pushing this have no idea of the Russian realities and aspirations. Moreover, these people think unrealistically highly of NWO. At this time, NWO is losing on all fronts. Or rather, there are desperate attempts…

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